Blitz Floors is one of the preeminent suppliers of wood stairs and railings for your new home construction or repair in the Toronto and surrounding area. We have been servicing the residential and commercial construction industry for over 15 years. If you are a home owner who is looking to renovate the stairs and railing for your house, then please feel free to talk to us.

We offer a full range of stair styles and different railing patterns. Our custom handrails, ascending volutes and fittings are built from the highest quality materials. Our custom spindles and posts are made of a variety of wood such as: oak, maple, cherry and mahogany.

Our prices are affordable and we only use high quality, durable and long lasting materials. Our experienced service staff and installers are here to deliver great customer satisfaction. 


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Why Choose Stairs & Railings from Blitz Floors?

Our staircase products are all designed to meet our clients very specific needs. Whether you need a straight stairs, circular, spiral, curved or L-shaped, Blitz Floors will install your new staircase within your budget and timeline.

We sell quality made stairs of every description, and our projects are installed and finished with finesses. We take our job very seriously and we are proud of the outcomes. We always want to be known as a customer driven business and we are happy to help with any project.

Our Styles

> Straight Staircase
> Circular Staircase
> Flared Staircase
> Freestanding
> Temporary Staircase
> Custom Designs
> L Shaped Stair
> L Shaped Winder Stairs
> Spiral Stairs
> Curved Staircase
> Library Ladder

Buy Stairs and Railings from Blitz Floors and have a modern, clean, and timeless look, that offers rugged durability and easy installation.