Vinyl Flooring is a great option for your bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms due to its ultra-realistic wood, tile looks, waterproofing and scratch-resistant qualities. The other great feature of Vinyl Flooring is its resemblance to upscale luxury woods like teak, maple, oak, walnut, or pine. This beautiful replication is highly detailed, right down to the grain patterns. Textured embossing and bevelled edges are also available to heighten the realistic look and feel of vinyl plank’s wood replications. Vinyl is also highly durable and resistant to scratches and stains; these two qualities make it one of the most popular flooring product. Whether it is your basement, bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in the house, our experts at Blitz Floors will help you find the perfect vinyl flooring option. Please contact us to learn more about Vinyl Flooring.


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Why Choose Vinyl Floors?

For Residential and Commercial Projects, Vinyl has proven to be an affordable solution due to its water and scratch resistant properties. It is especially suited to wet areas, where water often ends up on the floor, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Technological advances now allow printing that perfectly imitates the appearance and texture of natural elements such as stone, wood and slate. So technically due to its versatility, you are buying a cheaper flooring option with a similar resemblance to Hardwood or Laminate.

Vinyl Floors are composed of several layers usually including a urethane wear layer for maximum scratch resistance. This helps in maximizing its durability and makes it long lasting. Along with its soft, warm and comforting properties, Vinyl Floors are easy to repair and require low maintenance. Truth be told, Vinyl Floors can be the perfect choice for your home and office renovations.

As its production costs are lower, vinyl is generally a more affordable option than natural materials, which can be quite convincingly reproduced in vinyl planks or tiles.

Vinyl Styles

> CushionStep Best
> CushionStep Better
> CushionStep Good
> CushionStep Premium
> Duality Premium
> Duality Premium Plus
> FlexStep Good
> FlexStep Value
> FlexStep Value Plus
> Initiator
> Memories
> Starstep
> Station Square
> StrataMax Best
> StrataMax Better
> StrataMax Good
> StrataMax Value
> StrataMax Value Plus
> Vinyl Sheet with D10

Buy Vinyl Floors from Blitz Floors for its Versatility, Water Resistant Nature, Low Maintenance, Simple Installation, Long-lasting and Easy to Repair Features.